Eric Breed

Bulb Collection

About BreedBulbs

Hello, my name is Eric Breed from Lisse, Netherlands. Together with my wife Welmoed and our son Bastiaan we maintain my late father Kees Breed’s extensive bulb collection. It is a lot of work, we plant and dig all bulbs by hand, but we love doing it. We sometimes sell our surplus bulbs seeds and plants to collectors and bulb loving friends.


We decided to make a small web shop to make it easier to choose. We sell 1 or a few bags of the bulbs we have surplus of, sometimes the bag is full of bulbs, and sometimes a handful or just 1 or 2 if it is a very rare variety.  

Rare and Limited

This is your opportunity to get real collector items and historic bulbs or botanical jewels. The content changes daily, we replace sold items with new items, so check the site frequently.


Please contact us with any further questions.